Authentic HCigar VT Inbox 75W APV Box Mod In Stock


The HCigar VT Box DNA 75 Squonk TC Box Mod is a multi-functional device. The principle it works upon are the principles of integration. It helps in utilizing the powerful and dynamic Evolv’s DNA 75 chipset. The batteries it combines within itself are sold separately. They have an 8 ml squonk bottle with 18650 powered batteries. To keep coping with up the efficiency and user friendliness of the VT series, it has been launched with a small form factor and under viewing this fact, this has made it one of the smallest DNA 75 powered devices. The integration of Evolv’s new DNA 75 chipset does provide a very economical price along with providing a high functionality output which lasts from the range of 1 to 75W with a controllable full temperature suite. This eventually provides a very economical and friendly environment to the user. The best and the most unique thing about this product is that It is completely compatible with Evolv’s companion software Escribe, which has helped it to make it one of the chipsets out of DNA 200 which has a great capability. Doing all this, this has helped it t achieve the certain levels of customization and range. The beautiful and astounding resin battery helps it to gain and maintain its simple and most decent form. The total power it contains is 18650 Ampere which is complemented with a dual magnetic battery door. To summarize its features and price range, it won’t be wrong to say that the HCigar VT Box DNA 75 squonk TC Box Mod is the product you are looking for if you want to go economical, affordable yet comfortable all the way.

Product Specifications

  • Chipset 75 DNA
    • Evolve Chipset
    • Output range: 1 – 75W
    • 30A Maximum Continuous Output
    • Compatible with Escribe
  • Controllable full temperature suite
    • Support: Ni200 Nickel, Titanium and steel
    • Configurable escribe settings
    • Temperature: 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Chassis of Zinc Alloy C frame
    • Aluminum Accenting
  • Single battery 18650 powered
    • Powerful and magnetic battery door
      • Removable back plate for easy battery replacement
    • Separable battery
  • Control face three buttoned
    • Firing button oversized
  • Screen size: 0.91 inch OLED
    • Adjustable settings with Escribe
    • Important data can easily be displayed
  • Escribe compatible
    • DNA 75 configure and modifiable
    • Download link and interactive training course
  • USB port micro sized
    • Can charge up to 1A
    • Upgradeable software and firmware

Major product dimensions

  • 83 mm x 54 mm x 25 mm

Other features

  • One HCigar VT inbox DNA 75 Squonk TC Box Mod
  • User Manual
  • USB cable micro
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