Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire for Rebuildable Atomizers X 10M

Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire for Rebuildable Atomizers X 10M

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Kanthal A1 is used at conditions up to 1400 C (255 F) as it is specially made of aluminum alloy and mixture of iron chromium.
You know alloy has great resistance potential and high corrosion resistance.

Kanthal A1 is confidentially used in heating systems, such as electrical heating elements at very higher temperature furnaces for heat dealing, steel, glass, electronic industry and ceramics.
Currently ecig industry has great deal with Kanthal A1 which is becoming a essential sub-industry of e cigarette.

Factors which Improves Resistance:
Diameter effects: It gains higher gauge number and higher resistance per foot due to wire is thinner. While the thicker wire will give lower resistance and lower gauge number.
Length effects: Overall resistance can be higher with long wire and it will give lesser resistance along with shorter wire.
Temperature effects: Wire will create more resistance with more heat it receives.
Current effects: Always find out the ampere you need to heat your Kanthal wire.

1. Lesser in Density
2. Higher temperature conductor
3. Higher surface load
4. Higher in resistance
5. Higher in strength
6. Long lasting than Nichrome
7. Best corrosion properties
8. Best resistance compare to sulfur